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I just logged on and noticed that my earnings have increased by $1.50 since yesterday. "WOW" I thought, "THREE downloads in such a short time!". It took quite some time before I realized that it was ONE (Instant buy) download by a Guest. Thanks, stranger! :-)
Canon PowerShot Pro 1
Posted: 12/15/2004, 08:50:08 AM
Elku, I guess some people are just lucky!! Hey, congrats on those quick sales!! More will come!
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Posted: 0 hours ago
Imagine when those level 2 and 3 buys start coming in. :)
-- Icebreaker Sugar Free Mints...
Posted: 12/16/2004, 01:03:46 AM
It is a good start Elku, keep on and you will have not 1.5$ :) Good Luck
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Posted: 12/16/2004, 04:48:35 AM