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Now there are 4 pages of photographers

viewed at 36 photographers per page there was only 3 pages.. but now there are 4.. this site seems t be growing really fast.. and tahnks to administrators for making it such a friendly environment
Nikon 10 mp dSLR d80 with 18-70 mm kit lens and 50 mm prime.
Posted: 06/03/2004, 16:15:12 PM
Yes the site goes seem like it is growing...Thank you Administrators...Great Site
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Posted: 06/03/2004, 16:20:06 PM
Thank you for your kind words, this is what we value most, to know our members are satisfied with our efforts.

Our focus is on creating a community based on positive criticism. We are keen on keeping a very friendly environment and will never tolerate harsh and futile statements.

The members keep on coming, thanks to all our efforts put together, is nice to see it growing, keep spreading the word...
Posted: 06/03/2004, 16:26:03 PM
Hopefully just as many downloaders joining as there are uploaders. I myself am mostly a photographer. I do some verry minor design work but I don't need to download an image verry often probably only once or twice a month.
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Posted: 06/03/2004, 23:47:33 PM
that is kinda what i am hoping that more downloders are joining also.. hey achilles, is there more downloaders joining also? seems to be that couple photographers join daily almost.. it would be nice to hear it is the same on downloaders side..
Nikon 10 mp dSLR d80 with 18-70 mm kit lens and 50 mm prime.
Posted: 06/03/2004, 23:53:59 PM
In fact downloaders are about 2-3 times more I think. Some of them are also uploading stuff.

You don't see huge sales, although sales started sooner than we thought, because the database diversity is still small. Don't forget we're having a couple of thousands and a stock database becomes competitive on tens of thousands. So keep them coming, have a little patience and you will see it.

Posted: 06/04/2004, 01:42:24 AM