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Created: 01/27/2014
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Description: I sincerely believe that Romania is one of the most beautiful places in the world. While that might not say much and since one could argue that i lack objectivity, because i haven't been abroad that much, i maintain my firm opinion. Being one of the countries that emerged on the territory of the Roman Empire, Romania has struggled for thousands of years to maintain it's integrity and traditions, through rough times, poverty, fighting with the foreign powers, natural calamities etc. People in the villages are warm, happy to receive guests. There is a contrast now, between tradition and the modern, technological societies. I believe that such a contrast is very similar to what one would find if traveling to India, maybe to a lesser extent. For example, one could easily interact with a shepherd tending to his flock of sheep and talking on a smartphone, or an old countryman watching soccer at a 32 inch LCD panel. Romania's biggest beauty is represented by the relation between God and the people, a relation that started with the very birth of the Romanian people (historically speaking), about 2000 years ago, and represented by the Orthodox Christian church(es and monasteries). So, both modern and old, both traditional and universal, with wild landscapes and modern technology, Romania is a jack of all trades(i think that's what they call it, right?).
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