Dreamstime Workshops

UPDATE: This contest ended on 16 Nov, 2008. Check out the winner's workshop report here.

Dreamstime announces an exciting new learning opportunity for photographers: the chance to participate in an exciting workshop, shooting with Ron Chapple, one of the world's most successful stock photographers. The winner of the first workshop will travel to Ron's headquarters in Maui, Hawaii. The focus will be exclusively on learning tips and tricks directly from Ron.

Ron Chapple has been shooting stock images for over 20 years. Frequently referred to as one of the "world's most prolific stock shooters", Ron started shooting rights-managed photos in 1984. Not content to only work on the camera-side, Chapple founded the innovative Thinkstock royalty-free image collection in 2000. He travels over 100,000 miles a year creating fresh perspectives on the classic stock themes. His studio team is a group of talented digital artists, photographers and editors based in Charlotte, NC.

In this exclusive offer available only through Dreamstime, photographers can earn the right to join Ron in a full-blown three-day stock shoot. Boost your skills, learn new lighting approaches, work with models and a professional support crew. You'll have the best photographic time of your life.

What we offer

Winners will be decided after 3 assignments, in the end of November, based on their participation. Depending on the response we'll receive this will be the first in a series of workshops with working stock shooters. Announced as Maui, the actual location might be adjusted depending upon Ron's schedule and could be anywhere in the USA or around the world. The workshop will cover lighting secrets, shooting techniques in various challenging situations and how to work effectively with models. Depending upon the shoot, still life and night shooting may also be included.

Dreamstime will pick up the tab for your transportation expenses, accommodations, meals and all other additional costs needed for the winner to attend the shooting sessions. We will not cover an extension of the trip beyond the shooting dates nor pocket money.

What you need to bring

To be properly equipped please bring your DSLR camera - depending on the model, Ron may help with lenses and provide any lighting necessary. You'll only need pocket money for incidentals and a willingness to learn. This is not a holiday for the faint hearted: You WILL be asked to wake up early and stay up late to get the best light. You'll work hard but the improvement in your technique will make the work well worth the effort.

How to win

Any photographer with more than 100 images online can participate. Selection will be made from assignment participants based on total sales within their portfolio combined with the number of assignment submissions and number of eligible assignments you participated in. Only photographs are counted as submissions. You will be able to see your positioning by referring to the chart displayed on this page. You can enter the contest at anytime, but more accepted submissions will increase your chances to win.

There will be a 1-2 months time-window for the winner and Ron to decide upon the actual, confirmed workshop date. Should the winner not be able to attend after confirmation of the established date, Dreamstime may send the next in line. Dreamstime has no obligation to re-schedule to suit the winner's schedule and the prize cannot be redeemed for money. Dreamstime has the right to cancel the workshop program at any time.

All images from the shoot, both Ron's and yours, will be exclusive to Dreamstime for a minimum of 2 years from the time of submission. Considered assignment images, they will be sold as level 4. Of course, you will still hold the copyright and photos will be listed under your own account. You may write about your experience in a Dreamstime blog or otherwise share your feelings about the workshop but you must remain hush-hush about Ron's process or techniques.

On your marks, ready, shoot!

Who could win?*

* Check this list for a real-time update of your chances to win. You can enter contest at any time and still have chances to win. More submissions mean better chances.