Xuanwu Lake Park In Nanjing China Photos, Images, & Pictures

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Created: 01/19/2014
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Description: Xuanwu Lake ancient name of samba, after the lake, has one thousand 500 years of history. The Six Dynasties as the Royal Garden, the Ming Dynasty for the Yellow Book repository, Department of the royal temple, the Qing Dynasty into the park. Xuanwu Lake is located in Nanjing City, is a national scenic area purple at the foot of the mountain, China largest imperial garden of the lake, the only royal gardens of Jiangnan, Jiangnan three lake, is the largest city park in Jiangnan, is known as "Jinling pearl". The towering city wall of Ming Dynasty, the beautiful Mount Jiuhua, having an antique flavour of the Jiming Temple situated in the right.
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