Celestial Errors

Mythology, religion, fables, gossip and even science has played a huge role over the years in the minds of normal and weird people, about the strange happenings around which we term as UNREAL. These UNREAL happenings can be named as ghosts, healings, vibrations, miracles and so on. Science has been the slowest to accept and grasp these happenings. It took a long while for science to transit from a flat world to round, then now reaching more insights of a shapeless rock which is just appearing round due to the 70% water covering that strange lump. Thankfully with a new dimensions popping up in theories like the M-Theory (an extension to string theory) in Physics, scientists are eventually getting convinced about so many other forces acting upon us other than gravity and other conventionally accepted ones. Till science takes time solving this puzzle in scientific terms, people & beings open to experience will have their miracles and pack off.

Some scientists probably those who are pursuing string theory have apparently admitted that these experiences are often due to the errors in this whole universal system. They are like loopholes where a place in certain part of time gets distorted or tweaked causing unexplainable phenomena. Others added that it was unexplainable because its beyond our sensory perceptions of a 3D world. Mythology and religions have always told these happenings as conscious efforts by some entity living as we see it or living as we don’t see it. Their view of such phenomena is based on the foundation of their own myth or religious foundations. In todays world there are people who blindly believe in these kind of phenomena and others who simply ignore it as they would ignore a poor beggar dying on the roadside. This all commonly meets at a point of acceptance from all views if its studied and discussed properly. Scientifically, normally, supernaturally, unconsciously or not in any specific way, we all believe in what we have always termed as "The Sixth Sense".

Is sixth sense a sense that is able to cope up with all the new dimensions apart from space and time that science has come up with, or is it the only one of the many senses we aren't yet aware of. It can also be that we are aware of the multiple senses beyond our normal five, but then we are terming them all collectively under the mercy of the sixth sense. The desire to see and accept things often ends up being criticized by the busy stereotypes who are happy with their terms of busyness in life. The shallow thoughts of material world and the ignorance of their own experiences no matter how real, deprives such beings from enjoying and exploring that part of life which millions of wise humans did before the advent of material knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge hence have created a large drift in between believers of any kind. Wisdom goes hand in hand with intelligence, it cannot be created or increased in any person. You can have exercises for memory, but you cannot increase the intellectual capacity of a person. Whenever we see intellectual development apart from the natural evolvement that comes with aging, its generally only enhancement and the right use of what is existing in its given limits. Wisdom similarly has no takers or enhancing methods because it is inbuilt, it also has no scientific reason to support its existence. The Sixth Sense lies on neither of the sides. Its rather very much alive and kicking but enhances with acceptance.

These healings, ghosts, spirits or any miracles are not happenings that can be or should be categorized. A healer, saint, sage or self-realized person would call it a conscious effort where they make things happen by alternating matter. They make these changes controlling the energies that matter is subjected to, the energies that make the matter have the properties which makes it identifiable in this 3D world. Scientists or people following string theory are aware of the concept that matter gets is properties due to the frequency of the vibrating strings that it is made of. For people unaware about this part of science - "Strings are far smaller than atomic world we know (protons, neutrons, etc.) the vibration (frequency) of these strings hence create matter. The theory of a parallel universe also suggests that we (our universe) is existing in multiple projections at the same time, in short we are one of the projections. M Theory further elaborates these universes / fabrics (Rather known as branes scientifically) are seperated by fraction of a millimeter." This theory inshort is very close to the multiple projects or avatars that saints and gods might have shown us, if religion and myths are to be believed. The closest this gets to is spiritual experiences in todays world which can be as scary as a ghost or as miraculous as a healing.

Great yogis always referred to changing atomic structures of matter when they induced healings, initiated their disciples or read the inner being. Tomorrow's new age yogi's might use changes in the frequency of strings, as their representation of miracles. The effect of their efforts will vary from a man following them or loathing them. If in this age faith is making man equate monetary offerings to gods into their desired results, then their faith will also decide the direction and time for them to reach their desired goal. Maybe monetary offerings are helping them get material results but not necessary the results concerning their questions about matter that no science or knowledge could answer. The quest for the enhancement of the sixth sense shouldn't be considered as a spiritual or religious approach by non-believers. Even atheists could simply try to reason themselves about existence of everything. Science cannot be trusted beyond a certain span of time because the earth changed its shape and gravitation ended up being one of the 17 forces acting on us. There will be a lot more time till it comes in terms with the unexplainable, let it get the earths shape right first. Science surely helps us in healing or understanding the limited world, problems and creations that we are aware of, but what about those whose answers are already written in ancient scriptures or experiences of the wise?

The awareness and evolvement of our mind/spirit should be considered more and more important in todays fast moving world. Use religion, philosophy, fables or your own experiences to question, reason and enhance your awareness of existence will surely be the key. If not, one can just blame all this on science's limitations or a Celestial error.... till they want to understand it!

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Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks for sharing. I like your portrats of children in natural light most.


Thanks for sharing this! Great pictures!


Well written,, love you literature.


Nice Pictures...! Well Written.


Thanks everyone!
@Snookless - I wonder if I understand your dilemma or should I rather say that I can just sense it! :)


Good work, well done!


nice images


I do enjoy reading your blogs. I must say so this one I need to read again when I am home so I can really think about it. And maybe....just maybe have something profound to say.

I tell you, wanting to understand all of this can be extremely frustrating at times, especially without the knowledge needed to understand religion,science and or philosophy.
I can honestly say I have some knowledge of each but is very little, enough to only barely begin to wrap my brain around all of it and enough to create more questions and more frustration.

Did any of that make sense? lol

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