Empty Queue

This made me smile, I'm not sure if anyone else will find it amusing. Below is a photo which I was sure would do well, but actually didn't. A few minutes ago though, it was downloaded for the first time. Yay! It was found with the keywords 'empty queue'.

Wouldn't it be great if all queues were empty?

Photo credits: Komar.

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March 08, 2011


But at the moment, you'd think there would also be demand for images showing a bad economy.

March 04, 2011


Thanks for ur comments. That's true Rosdarc, I guess most buyers tend to look for positive images, showing productivity, success etc.

March 03, 2011


Love it, great colours too!
But, as much as this is a dream queue for passengers, I guess it's not a sign of healthy business, maybe that's why it has not been selling that much. Hope anyway that his first sale won't be the last, sometimes photos pick up long after they've been online.

March 03, 2011



March 03, 2011


That´s great! Congrats!!! :)

March 02, 2011


A dream come true.

March 02, 2011


Yes it woul!

March 02, 2011


Oh yes it would ;)

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