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at the bottom of my DT home page there is a Facebook funcionality Post your latest activity:

Downloads | Uploads | Sold photos | Blogs

Can I ask as it does work? I cannot do it neither if I am fan of DT on Facebook.

It would be nice, if DT automatically would post new sales/uploads/blogs on these channels instead of everybody doing it by hand?

Can you help me?

Photo credits: Andrea La Corte.

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May 09, 2012


I already did as "homydesign" has written but my activities on DT are not reported on Facebook as "saap585" told. So my new pcis, my pic sold are never reported on Facebook....

May 09, 2012


@homydesign doesnt work either, at least for me. At this page the facebook links works but no the "autopost" future. and at my "management area" suddenly the last 2 weeks now, stopped working!!!

May 09, 2012


I posted a relevant question here and admins answered. Have a look here share links dont work anymore

May 08, 2012


Hi! you can enable it at https://www.dreamstime.com/social-networking
All the best!

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