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How to post images on the forums - basic HTML instructions

I noticed many users have problems including images on the forums, here is an explanation.

After you hit "Post reply" or "Create new thread" you will be taken to a new page where you actually write your message (into a textarea box).

Note that above the text area you have 4 small buttons:

- First one: BOLD

it display tags such as {b}put message here{/b}

comment: (replace { with < and } with >

Using this feature you can make some text paragraphs as bold text, you just have to put your own text between the tags.

- Second one: ITALIC

it displays italic tags {i}write your text here{/i}. Like you did with bolded text, put your own text instead of "write your text here".

- Third one: INSERT IMAGE

First click this button, it will open a box.

Now, for inserting an image, go to the page where your image is located. Right click on the image and hit Properties. Using CTR+C and CTR+V, paste the Address (URL) in the input.

Should look something as https://www.dreamstime.com/thumbimg_2/moi1962.jpg

Now click Ok and the image code is added, all you have to do is to finish your reply and hit Post.


This is the easiest one, click the button, it will open a box. First you are required to include the URL. Hit OK and you will be asked about the text of the link, as displayed on the page. It can be a title or the same link.

Note that all codes from above are inserted at the end of your reply. If you want to move the code somewhere in the text paragraphs, you should select it and than use CTR+X and CTR+V.

Regarding the last 2 buttons you can go further and combine them: for creating an image that is linked to its page, you should paste the image code within the 2nd request of the link, where you are asked to "Enter the text for your link".
Edited: 12/16/2004, 04:13:19 AM
In the same way you can make you links bold or italic...
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Doh! It's supposed to be much harder to do it that __ didn't notice the icons!
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We tweaked the Insert Image button so you can enter directly an ID of an image that's on Dreamstime. You'll get a thumbnail of the Dreamstime image already hyperlinked to it's own page, so you don't have to use the Insert Hyperlink/Insert Image combination to show images that are online on Dreamstime in your post.
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Posted: 05/06/2005, 04:33:59 AM