Howdy, my fellow dreamstimers!

It's almost a year since I wrote my last blog article: Milestones in action. Since that, it was read over 1000 times. I hope it helped someone because after publishing that article I didn't follow my own advice.

I didn't set up any goal, and my "dreamstiming" was distracted by ordinary every day private and business events. I didn't upload any additional image, and my account was "frozen" at 103 images online, the same number as it was at the time of writing Milestones in action.

However, even I was just checking my account from here and there; some numbers changed over time, without my participation. A year ago I was having 103 images, 98 downloads and about $100 on my account. Today I still have 103 images, but 204 downloads and around $300 on my account. That means that things are happening. Also some images jumps to higher rank. Nice.

And it makes me think about commitment and my total failure in this area. Lots of "what-if's" are going through my mind. What if I added another 100 images in that year? On average, would I double my earnings? It is matter of mathematics and statistics, but I am sure it would work well. But that one thing is missing. It is me and my work. If I didn't earn nore money even if I could, can I say that I lost it?

It is great opportunity here, at least to everyone that have some talent in photography or drawing. At birthdays, many people wish you lots of money. I usually wish many opportunuties to my friends (your effort on them not included).

Let’s say it was my mistake, I wasn’t committed to the task, and I didn’t set any priority. That was not clever. And I was just lazy.

As always, Dreamstime shows its power. Whatever you do, no matter low or high scale, you are awarded according to your merit. Isn’t it motivational?

Many times in life we are committed to things that have no meaning.

I ask myself: why I am so lazy about that Dreamstime issue? It is fun, it makes money on the way, and the system proves that it is worth, every single step. So what is in my head that says: ok, I am not in the mood, I will have fun another day, ummm…yeah… money… well, ok… will think about it…

It is not complete failure, I got what I deserve, but it is that feeling present: it could be much better if I did small steps ahead.

Maybe I will improve, maybe I will not, but I want to encourage everyone. You can learn from others. I am not top “dreamstimer”, but even on my level it is obvious how fair and smoothly this system works.

Unfortunately, there are no technical preconditions that Dreamstime will ever develop a widget that you will load to your head, to set up your mind and commit to upload more images, even at least once a month. We all need to setup ourselves the best we can.

Congratulations to all of you that are committed. Keep up! And all of us, which includes me, that are trapped in the gap between talent and laziness – the cake is here, how large piece do we want?

Photo credits: Alexskopje, Igor Mojzes, Michael Corrigan.

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Hi Alex! With your line of work and those clever images I expect you spend a lot of time at your computer. Croatia is an outstandingly beautiful country, why not get out there and shoot some of that scenery! (just a suggestion)


Hey Alex,
Don't be too hard on yourself. This is not your main line of business. You don't need to make a plan and meet it. The landlord will not evict you if you do not upload. That's the beauty of a hobby. You do it when you feel like it and when you don't you don't.

There are month when I upload 10-20 images or more, there are month when I do zero. Now I am more into tennis. But soon enough (I can feel it already) I will have a few more.

I think we are really fortunate to have this DT as a venue to channel our creativity in this domain, even if not a full time fully committed.

Just enjoy.


A larger piece , please.


Nice blog and I hope you will find the way how to continue...! I am also very short of time, but I follow the same way as Calyx22 described. Good luck!


I have a very small portfolio compared to a lot of high volume shooters out there, but I make sure to try and upload around 15 to 20 per month. It's slow, yes, but I'm making steady sales, and if you don't upload it hurts your acceptance ratio as well. Why don't you set a small goal of 5 or 10 images per month? That could be doable, and the more active you are on your account, the better your sales will be!


I liked your blog, too bad you almost haven't upload images for a year, because as you said DT shows its power and works. Good luck and I hope you can upload many more great images.


@Davidwatmough . I agree, but thats another point. Baecuse 10 high quality images earns better then 5 of them. And 2000 thousand mediocre images earns better then 1000 mediocre images. Its about talent and skills. What ever your level are, you gain more if you give more. Agree?


A few images of high quality can sell better than thousands which are mediocre ! David.

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